Las vegas cigar factory and shop. We create our unique brand of hand-rolled cigars in different varieties. Our virtual humidor will provide you with our finest selection of natural, sweet, maduro and aromatic (also cognac) cigars. Sampler boxes and accesories are also available. Come to our location and enjoy a live demonstration of our rollers' skills as they create a fresh cigar in front of your eyes and smoke it in our cozy lounge. You can also walk through our newly redesigned walking humidor where you will find the complete selection of our realizations. We can also arrange a live animation of cigar rolling during your own event at your convenience.

Mon.-Sat. 11am - 6 pm
Closed Sundays

Call us now!
Toll free: 1-800-537-4957

Traditional Cuban Style Cigars

Don Pablo roller

Welcome to one of the last non-industrial cigar factories !


Every step of the confection is by hand in the traditional Cuban style. Our cigar makers, each with 30+ years experience are masters in their field.


Every cigar sold is handmade in our factory in Fort Myers, Florida. We are constantly evolving our cigars, discovering new tobaccos, researching new blends, to bring you the finest, most enjoyable smoke.


We invite you to join our thousands of satisfied customers from our Premium Cigars.



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