Las vegas cigar factory and shop. We create our unique brand of hand-rolled cigars in different varieties. Our virtual humidor will provide you with our finest selection of natural, sweet, maduro and aromatic (also cognac) cigars. Sampler boxes and accesories are also available. Come to our location and enjoy a live demonstration of our rollers' skills as they create a fresh cigar in front of your eyes and smoke it in our cozy lounge. You can also walk through our newly redesigned walking humidor where you will find the complete selection of our realizations

Mon.-Sat. 11am - 6 pm
Closed Sundays

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our cigars

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  • Our 'natural' cigars are our mildest, full of mild subtle flavors.
    Its dominican long leaf filler, binder and wrapper gives it character while remaining smooth.
    A laid back smoke perfect for walking the dog or smoking on the porch in the summer.
    Our 'dog walker' !

  • Our 'sweet' line is similar to our Naturale but each cigar is dipped in a sweet solution whose secret recipe explodes on your tongue. A sweet sensation through the entire smoke.

  • Our Maduro cigars are our full-flavoured smokes. Full of character, spice and body. Our maduro wrapper is the finest connecticut shade-grown leaf in the industry, with a deep, rich maroon hue and exceptional burn.
    They are also available in sweet.

  • A Don Pablo Exclusivity!! Our Cognac line is the ultimate in luxury. Before the cigar is rolled and wrapped, the filler, binder and wrapper are processed not with water but fine, french oak-barrel-aged cognac. This results in a luxurious, elegant smoke. A fine mix of tobacco, cognac and oak.

  • Made with aged, long leaf, Cuban seed tobacco and cured at Don Pablo's, at just the right temperature and humidity. Our Vintage Cigars Line is available in Imperial Vintage Cigars and Monterico Vintage Cigars sizes.

  • A natural Vanilla extract harmoniously laced into our finest filler gives these cigars a light vanilla flavor and also tinges the smoke with a light vanilla scent. This will delight not only the smoker but his or her entourage.